Economic Consulting

Economic Consulting Feasibility Study: The economic feasibility study contains the data and information necessary to make an investment decision. The project requires a careful examination of the commercial, technical, financial, economic and environmental aspects in light of the project’s objectives, marketing strategies, expected market share, production capacity, project location, availability of raw materials and appropriate […]

Management Consulting

Management Consulting Analysis of the facility and jobs to raise the efficiency of work and the level of performance of employees Developing administrative and financial policies and systems and study the extent to which automated systems and software can be usedDeveloping organizational structures, including job descriptionsHelping companies to qualify for local and international quality certification […]

Business Development

Business Development Comparative studies to determine the best local and global practices in the industries in which the facility operatesReviewing and developing the business strategy, which focuses on helping the organization choose the target products and markets Diagnostic studies to enhance the competitive position of the facility To view more services Economic Consulting financial advisory […]

Support Services

Support Services Reviewing internal accounts and preparing monthly and annual reports and growth indicators Indicators for measuring the performance of companies (financial and economic) and comparing them with the average indicators of the Saudi market Calculating the value added tax (5%) and responding to inquiries ISO and Classification Contractors Helping entrepreneurs Preparing studies and business […]

financial advisory

financial advisory Development and investment: The efficiency of the economic investment project is determined by its potentiality to achieve the maximum potential benefits, achieving production efficiency, reducing losing articles and making good use of the available resources. We also provide assistance in setting development plans and investment management, supervising the implementation plans method, following up […]

Market Research

Market Research Market Research Market research is one of the most important factors that achieve the success of the project, and it means studies and market research in the way in which the beneficiary consumer is determined and the current market size Is there a demand for the project’s products during the life span or […]