Economic Consulting

Feasibility Study:

The economic feasibility study contains the data and information necessary to make an investment decision. The project requires a careful examination of the commercial, technical, financial, economic and environmental aspects in light of the project’s objectives, marketing strategies, expected market share, production capacity, project location, availability of raw materials and appropriate technology. This field includes both preliminary and detailed studies, studies of investment opportunities, studies of alternatives, investment proposals and project financing studies.

Evaluation of projects and mergers

To evaluate projects, the Center reviews the various aspects of the project to take the appropriate decision regarding the project, which may be a decision to implement the project or fund the project from various government agencies. The evaluation report prepared by us focuses on the sound financial position of the facility, the return for shareholders, and the extent of protection it provides to creditors. The method used to evaluate projects according to these considerations focuses on the technical, commercial, market, management, organization, financial and economic aspects of the project. Project evaluation studies may be linked to the study of mergers and acquisitions

Development and investment

The efficiency of the economic investment project is measured by its ability to achieve the maximum return, achieve production efficiency, reduce waste and make good use of the available resources. We provide assistance in setting development plans and investment management. Supervising the implementation of plans, following up on implementation, evaluating performance, discovering obstacles and incentives, devising solutions to implementation obstacles, and regulating benefiting from investment returns.

Market Research

Market research is one of the most important factors that achieve the success of the project, and it means studies and market research in the way in which the beneficiary consumer is determined and the current market size Is there a demand for the project’s products during the life span or not? As well as building marketing strategies in light of current and expected competition